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Objectives and Mission

The concept of self improvement or meditation has been at times misinterpreted and often mixed with religion in a very confusing way.

There is yet, a defined and secular way to approach this and is free from sensitivity of any religion. This web site contains articles and audio discourses not only on such subjects but also relating to your personal, religious and social life.

Gyan Rajhans has been broadcasting and producing the only non-commercial Vedic religion radio program in North America since 1981. For details visit:

In his 25 year broadcast he has presented English and Hindi discourses on all aspects of the Vedanta Philosophy, symbolism of the stories contained in the Ramayana, Mahabharata and 18 puranas. In his weekly broadcasts of Gyan-Gita, he has presented detailed explanations of all the 700 shlokas of Shri Mad Bhagawad Gita. In the other weekly broadcasts on FAQs on Hinduism he has answered 45 questions on Hinduism for the beginners. For example: what is the Vedic concept of creation and dissolution of the universe; what is the doctrine of Karma and what are the 10 myths about karma theory; what is the relationship between Karma and Free will; is there any truth about reincarnation; what are the debts an individual is borne with; does Mantra-Chanting provide healing and spiritual power; why do we need a Guru and how to find a Sad guru; what is sin and can sins be forgiven; what is heaven & hell; why fast on religious occasions; what is the symbolic significance of Lord Ganesha’s elephant head and big belly; what is the significance of performing a Havan; why do we close our eyes when we pray; why and how to pray etc.

Gyan Rajhans has personally interviewed several well-known Hindu spiritual leaders, e.g. Swami Satya Mtranand ji Giri Ji Maharaj, Swami Tejomaya Nanada, Swami Asaramji Bapu, Swami Vishwatma Bawra, Swami Pragyananda, Dr Pranav Pandya and numerous other spiritual leaders who have visited Toronto since 1981.

Gyan Rajhans is available for spiritual discourses and workshops on the following subjects:

Yoga of Chanting
Fear of Death
Religion Vs Dharma
Anatomy of Anger
The Karma Doctrine
The Power of Mantra Chanting 
Pride Ego and Arrogance: How to keep them at bay?
Jealousy: an unnecessary evil
Why and how to pray?
Ten Commandments for Peace of Mind
How to grow old?
Ten Commandments for a successful marriage
Hindu Concept of Creation
Significance of performing a Havan
The Basis of Caste System in Hinduism
Ideals of a Hindu Marriage
Are Hindus Idol Worshipers?
A Summary of What Most Hindus Believe
The Gayatri Mantra

Gyan Rajhans

Objective & Mission

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